Tattoo Removal Training Controversies

There’s a lot of talk revolving around the safety and effectiveness that surrounds tattoo removal and tattoo removal training. One thing clients must keep in mind is that there are different lasers for different skin types. That being said, if an untrained or unprofessional laser technician uses the wrong laser on your skin, you’ll probably see blistering or burning. This is why it’s VERY important to go to a professional and legitimate place to receive treatments, like a doctor or medical spa.

Also, tattoo removal is performed in steps. Most people think it’s lasering off the ink on top of the skin in one treatment, but that’s not how tattoo removal works. The cosmetic laser energy actually penetrates into the pigment of the tattoo, breaking it up into fragments. Over time, those fragments are flushed out of the body through the lymphatic system. Contrary to what people have said, it’s a safe and quick treatment.

Different tattoo colors may be easier and harder to remove. Black is by far the easiest, but colors like teals and greens are typically take a bit longer to fade and disappear.

National Laser Institute is a cosmetic laser school that offers some of the best tattoo removal training out there. They take the time to train students in the classroom and in clinicals. Students will receive hands-on training with scheduled clients with state-of-the-art laser equipment. This will ensure that they will leave feeling comfortable and confident performing treatments.

To learn more about tattoo removal training or National Laser Institute, please call 480.290.7366.

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