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Who is the best candidate for laser tattoo removal?

If you are considering laser tattoo removal you may be wondering if you are a good candidate. Laser tattoo removal is a safe and effective way to erase unwanted ink. It’s estimated that 50 percent of individuals with a tattoo later regret it and say they want it removed. Until recently, tattoo removal was a painful and unreliable procedure. But advances in laser therapy have made tattoo removal affordable and effective.  

Unfortunately, not every tattoo is a candidate for laser removal and not all can be removed completely, but many can be. Laser hair removal works by directing laser beams toward the ink to break up the particles into tiny fragments, which are later cleared out by body.

The laser tattoo removal process takes multiple treatments and complete removal depends on several factors. The size of the tattoo, color of the ink, location and age of the tattoo will all contribute to how long it takes to remove and if it completely disappears. Newer tattoos tend to penetrate deeper into the epidermis so they are more tenuous to eliminate. Tattoos on the arms, legs, buttocks, chest or abdomen are the best contenders, while those on areas such as the ankles, fingers or body parts with less fat are more difficult. Individuals with fair skin are also better suited than those with dark pigmented skin.

Anyone considering laser tattoo removal should schedule a consultation with a certified laser specialist. The National Laser Institute Med Spa offers free consultations and discounted services, more importantly however, the level of expertise at this facility is unparalleled. As the leading laser school in the country, National Laser Institute employs a staff of experienced and highly trained doctors, nurses and aestheticians.

Laser tattoo removal treatments begin at $50. To schedule a consultation call a technician today at 480.290.7366 or email

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