Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare

Now that you’ve started your laser tattoo removal treatments and taken the first step to removing that unwanted tattoo, aftercare is an important part of the treatment process. Specific tattoo removal aftercare directions should be given to you by the laser technician for the proper care of the area to ensure a safe and fast recovery. Post care instructions should be closely followed otherwise it can lead to scarring or pigmentation issues.

What should you expect after laser tattoo removal?

Once the procedure is done, the treated area might look red, irritated, and swollen, feeling somewhat like a bad sunburn. After a few hours, blisters may appear which is very common. A bandage will be applied after treatment and it’s important to keep the area covered until it heals. It’s important to keep your tattoo out of the sun weeks prior to the beginning of treatment and throughout the entire process.

To help reduce the side effects of tattoo removal and speed up the recovery time, follow these guidelines below:

  • Apply ice to the affected area off and on immediately after treatment to help with swelling and irritation.
  • Talk with your technician about pain medication for discomfort.
  • Drink plenty of water to help the lymphatic system flush out the ink.
  • Keep the area clean and dry while it heals. Regular soap and water is the best method for cleansing.
  • Avoid heat to the area, such as a hot shower, hot bath, and Jacuzzi or sun exposure.
  • Avoid swimming, high pressure showers or any form of soaking until the area is completely healed.
  • Do not scratch the area as it heals. The area can become infected and possibly scar.
  • If it becomes itchy and dry, use an ice pack for relief and Aquaphor for the dryness.
  • Do not remove any scabs that form or scrape the area. This too can cause an infection and scar.
  • Use a high sun screen daily on the area throughout your series otherwise you may jeopardize treatment.
  • Tattoo removal treatments should be spaced at least 4 weeks apart.

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