Worst Celebrity Tattoos.

Ink is out. Tattoo removal is in. Check out AZ Tattoo Removal’s worst celebrity tattoos and who we think should consider tattoo removal.

5. Megan Fox

It’s no secret that Megan Fox enjoys altering the look of her body and face. The leading Transformer’s actress is not only a fan of plastic surgery but of tattoos as well. We can all agree that Megan Fox is sexy. Marilyn Monroe is a legend for her sexiness. However, a tattoo of Marylin Monroe on Megan Fox’s arm is not sexy. It’s just plain tacky.

4. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson was first famous for Playboy. Playboy gained her exposure and then led her to a role on the television serious Baywatch, which gained her popularity and the eye of Motley Crew rocker Tommy Lee. Soon after, her girl next door Playboy image faded, and she unintentionally branded herself as white-trash sexpot with her barbed wire tattoo.

3. Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey’s sun tattoo is just terrible. Sun’s were a trend in the 90’s and it’s also a popular design amongst tattoo removal clinics today. Perhaps Lachey should consider tattoo removal, and a career change?

2. Jessica Alba

As classy as Ms. Alba’s image appears to be in the spotlight, we never would have guessed she would have a tramp stamp. At least it’s a feminine design, but the placement is just tacky and out of style.

1. Denise Richards

When you think of Denise Richards, do you ever just wonder what she was thinking when she married Charlie Sheen? It appears she was out of her mind when she permanently tattooed his name on her ankle. Richards didn’t consider tattoo removal because she liked the placement of art on her ankle so she covered it up with a fairy.

Which celebrity should get tattoo removal?

By far the worst tattoo, according to,  is Nick Lachey. We loved you in 98 degrees, we loved you when you were with Jessica Simpson and we even loved you when you were not, but please remove any marks from the 90s because you are due for some image enhancement.

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