Types of Japanese Tattoo Sleeves Designs

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Japanese Sleeve Tattoo

Japanese Sleeve TattooJapanese Sleeve Tattoo

The sleeves designs were adopted by the Japanese people. Tattoos in Japan are known as lrezumi, which means having ink, and Horimono (which are carved). Japanese sleeve tattoos popularity is not limited to the local area, instead it has covered a vast area of Europe and US. Japanese Tattoo Sleeves, conventionally was admired by men and they only aspired for Japanese shoulder and chest tattoos as well. But for now, they are very common for both the sex. Specially, Japanese tattoo sleeves have been very much liked by the young generation and the old. As a matter of fact, Japanese tattoo sleeves are nowadays the most liked sources for tattoo designs of sleeves and shoulders tattoos. Lot of other Japanese style tattoos are in demand, such as Japanese Dragon Sleeve Tattoos or Japanese Tribal Sleeve Tattoo which are again not limited to Japan. The most striking part of these Japanese tattoo sleeves is their exquisiteness, archetypal design, color blend and the rich and affluent imagery.

What is Tattoo Sleeves Design?

Sleeves Tattoo

Sleeves TattooJapanese Sleeves Tattoo

The perfect Sleeve tattoo totally depends upon the person who is getting it on. Japanese Tattoo Sleeves design or full sleeve tattoo, are these days a hot selling cake for the tattoo world. People are using these sleeve design tattoos as to discovering more of the body parts. One can easily see the new posters of Koi fish and dragons tattoos on these tattoo lover’s sleeves. The matter of fact remains, that if one is going for a full sleeve tattoo design there will be no looking back once you are done with it. Tattoo Sleeves Design actually covers half of your body portion, which is why it’s difficult to get rid off in later stage of your life.

Koi Fish Sleeve Tattoo

Koi Fish

Koi FishKoi Fish Tattoo, fish shapes tattoo on half sleeves

The symbol of richness and the most distinguished design of the Japanese tattoo sleeves design is incorporated into the Koi fish tattoo. These tattoos are generally placed on the upper back of the body and on both the arms. This style is vey much loved by the young adults and the teenagers as it represents class, might and a symbol of authority. Koi fish style is also considered as a sign of good luck for Japanese people.

Cherry Blossom Sleeve Tattoo

Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Cherry Blossom TattoosCherry Blossom Tattoos is liked usually when Japanese calender starts.

The style signifies the psychology of Japanese, called as the Cherry blossom Sleeve Tattoo. Earlier it was Samurai who believed that life is supposed to be short and everybody must take complete pleasure of life by honoring it just like cherry blossom flowers. This introduced concept the of cherry blossom sleeve tattoo. The concept of Cherry blossom Sleeve Tattoo is very much liked by the Japanese people, especially when they are about to start their new year, according to the Japanese calendar.

Japanese Dragon Sleeve Tattoos

Dragon Tattoos

Dragon TattoosChinese Sleeve Dragon Tattoo

Another very famous Japanese style which gained the popularity within no time is Japanese dragon tattoos. Traditional Japanese art and the folk lovers has seen the dragon as an integral part of itselves. These tattoos are much more popular than many other mythological creatures that include phoenix tattoos, mermaid tattoos and the gryphon tattoos.

Japanese Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

Japanese Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

Japanese Tribal Sleeve TattooJapanese Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

These tattoos are basically very bold and beautiful. Japanese tribal Sleeve tattoo are bold in design and leaves a beautiful mark when painted with the midst of dark outlines.


Japanese Tattoo Sleeves basically are a symbol for richness and authority. To get this one on your body you need a great level of tolerance.

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