The Worst of the Worst

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Normally when it comes to other people’s tattoos, I don’t really have too many objections.  I mean, if you really want to go out and get tattooed with something that myself or other people might think is totally ridiculous and/or horrible, more power to you.  Lately however, I find myself maybe getting more cynical.  Or am I?  I don’t know.


To be fair, I’ve always had a problem with people getting tattoos out of a desire or need to be trendy.  That much is well documented on this site for anyone who cares to go back through the archived posts.  I don’t care what your TV or Justin Bieber tells you, tattoos are not trends and should never be treated as such.  Tattoos are permanent and certainly shouldn’t have anything to do with flash in the pan aesthetics.  So yeah, I  tend to get my feathers slightly ruffled when I see people treating them as such.

I guess then, it’s for this reason that I don’t really have that much of a problem blogging about the worst types of tattoos.  Again – who am I to say what’s a bad tattoo, let alone the worst tattoo?  Well, no one really.  I just think that there is common sense and then there is everything else.  If a tattoo truly means something to you (as I believe it should), and I come down on it or dismiss it, you’re well within your right to call me a (for lack of a better word), dick.  However, if your tattoo is dumb because you were dumb when you got it – and by dumb I mean blinded by the hilarity or coolness of a particular trend at that particular time and place – then it’s open season on the razzing as far as I’m concerned.

Be warned, then.  Bad types of tattoos often have very little excuse for them and they are all too often very easy to spot.  Perhaps this list will help you to understand that a little bit better.  Although I’m sure you understand it just fine anyway.  Right?  Here’s hoping.

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