Tattoo + Beer = Happiness

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Last summer, I wrote about the lads from Scottish brewery BrewDog.  At the time, the media was reporting that they were going to be offering free beer for life to anyone who had the BrewDog logo tattooed during the grand opening of the BrewDog Bar in Aberdeen, Scotland.  The offer set off alarm bells amongst Alcohol Focus Scotland, a national charity group that works to limit the amount of damage caused by alcohol.  Unsurprisingly, the announcement of free beer for life also made many, many Scottish beer drinkers extremely happy.

Well, it wasn’t to be.  Possibly due to the flack that they were receiving, BrewDog announced soon afterward that the media was responsible for distorting the truth (imagine that!) and that they wouldn’t in fact be giving away free beer for life to anyone who had the BrewDog logo tattooed.  You can read the full press release by BrewDog here.

None the less, there was an offer on the table by BrewDog, albeit a much different one than initially reported.  Recently, twenty-year-old Robert Hanson became the first to be tattooed with the BrewDog logo.  Instead of free beer for life, he will now be permitted a 20 percent discount on all BrewDog beer at a new BrewDog pub opened in Edinburgh.  The tattoo was not free either, it cost Hanson nearly £100 ($163 USD), but Hanson’s got no regrets:

‘”I didn’t get it done for the discount, that was just a perk.

“It cost nearly £100 but it’s worth it.

“My mates think it’s a pretty funny thing to do and that I’m some kind of obsessive, but I reckon they’re all just jealous.

“My parents are probably just as obsessed with BrewDog as I am. The first thing my mum said when I told her about the tattoo was ‘I might get one of those myself’. My parents are real ale drinkers and helped me to appreciate beer.”‘

Now that’s a beer drinker.  Enjoy your brews and your tattoo, Robert!

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