Tattoo Aftercare: Foot tattoos

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Pooja Puri:

Foot Tattoo

Foot TattooTaking care of the foot tattoo is as important as getting the tattoo itself.

Tattoos are surely the most sought after lifetime accessories today. And this thought is echoed by at least 90% of the young adults who swear by their tattoos.Years back when tattoo culture took the youth by storm, arms and chests were the most commonly inked parts. Though people got more experimental with time and got their waistlines, neck and back inked too, but today foot tattoos are increasingly becoming popular. From flowery anklets, butterflies, angels to favorite flowers, foot tattoos are making a unique style statement. Foot is becoming a preferred choice not only for women but men too. While this rage has caught on big time, there are few things that one needs to take care for a foot tattoo. We have put together easy tips to take care of your foot tattoo.

1. Getting the tattoo of course hurts and might even lead to minor swelling around the area. Hence, it is advised to rub the area gently with ice. This will soothe the area of redness and swelling.

2. Your tattoo artist will suggest not using any soap or soap like substance over the tattooed area. Follow it religiously especially in the case of your foot, which happens to be one of the most exposed areas of your body. You can even use a damp cloth to clean the area if necessary

3. You might consider wrapping the area with transparent plastic sheet before stepping out so as to avoid direct contact with sun rays , dust and pollution. This precautionary step should be taken for the first few days.

4. When the redness in the area settles in two to three days, start applying a simple moisturizer, baby oil, coconut oil. It will help soften the area.

5. Avoid applying soap to the tattooed area for about three to four days and use moisturizer twice a day for instance after bathing and before going to bed.

Getting inked is like making a permanent designer scar on your body, so select the one that you are completely sure about. And by following the above simple steps, the tattoo can be a permanent jewel on the body!

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