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Yesterday I wrote about two great tattooists setting up a fundraiser for a children’s hospital.  Well, today I’ve got more news of tattoos and charity, but this time the person raising the funds isn’t a tattoo artist or a child, but rather a European Playboy Playmate.

Somehow the words European Playboy Playmate just seem to immediately command attention, so I’m guessing that at this point quite a lot of you reading this are interested.  That’s good.  Yep, a European Playboy Playmate by the name of Ann French is taking on some fundraising duties for the GBS Support Group.  Chances are that you haven’t heard of GBS (Guillain-Barre Syndrome) as it isn’t widely known, but having had her grandfather die of GBS made French decide that she wanted to use her profile and beauty to help educate others about the disease and work toward a cure.  GBS is a disease which affects a person’s peripheral nervous system, leading to complete paralysis.

French’s plan?  Well, the already tattooed Playmate is taking donations from those willing to sponsor her as she gets the logo for the GBS Support Group – which is a turtle – tattooed on to her leg.

‘”I love tattoos, they’re all pieces of art and I have always wanted to get as many as I could, but that isn’t something that matches the clean-cut image of the commercial model.  I wanted to do what I wanted to my body, and the two just didn’t go hand in hand, which is where the glamour came in.”‘           – Ann French

Those of you who want to help Ann out in her quest to eradicate GBS can do so by visiting either Ann’s website or the Just Giving website.

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