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At this time of year, no one wants to be broke.  Having no money or worse, having no job, really puts a massive damper on one’s festive activities. 29-year-old Jonathan Kehoe knew all the realities of being both unemployed and poor during the Christmas season.  Until recently he was eating regularly at McDonalds because according to Kehoe, it was the only meal he could afford.  Well, no one would have guessed it but it appears that eating greasy fast-food has actually paid off.

Kehoe had stopped at a McDonald’s just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and ordered himself a McRib sandwich as well as a medium soft drink.  When he pulled the Monopoly game tab on his soft drink, he discovered that he had just won one million dollars.

‘“I don’t think it hit me right away. I didn’t realize right away that I won. It was like I had to, um, ask a few people, ‘Is this real?’ And after a couple of hours, it set in,” Kehoe said. “This is really a blessing, ya know. Right at the end of my unemployment, I pulled the million dollar tag off a cup. I mean, it couldn’t be better.”‘

Most people who win money have big plans, but aside from paying off some debts and a few bills, Kehoe’s biggest splurge looks to be a tattoo.  Yup, that’s right – he’s considering getting a McRib tattoo.  Normally I would tend to think that getting a McRib tattoo ranks up there with that dude who got the Zune tattoo a while back.  Corporate products as tattoos make me feel almost as ill as I would if I were to actually eat a McRib sandwich.

There’s something about this story, though.  Something that makes me feel as though Kehoe’s decision to get a McRib tattoo is a good one.  This entire incident seems to mark the beginning of a big turn-around in his life.  I can see how the image of a McRib would be kind of a comforting one for him, there to always remind him that even when things look grimmer than grim, at any point there could always be something great and life altering just around the corner.  You never know.

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