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Just when you thought (and maybe hoped) that reality TV’s relationship with tattooing and the tattoo world was going the way of the dinosaur – as evidenced by the truly pathetic nature of soap opera fodder like LA Ink – Oxygen Media steps in and proclaims that there’s still life left in this dead, bloated horse.  So what the hell, let’s beat it some more.

Okay, maybe that’s not fair.  Reality TV has given tattooing a great boost in terms of its acceptability and transition into the main stream.  Still not satisfied?  Well, how about hope that this time around, we might *gasp* get a tattoo reality show that’s actually about tattooing???  At least that’s the way it’s looking with Oxygen Media’s new show, Best Ink. Check it out:

‘Oxygen Media has given a greenlight to Best Ink, a reality show that pits 12 tattoo artists against each other for “a cash prize and bragging rights.”

The artists will give tattoos to real people in a variety of challenges.

“Many of our viewers choose to express themselves through the ever-growing phenomenon of body art,” said  Amy Introcaso-Davis, svp of original programming and development in a  statement. “We hope to capture the best and brightest tattoo artists and celebrate this unique art form.’

If it’s truly about the tattooing and not some over-glammed, ridiculous carnival where tattoo artists compete in different tasks like having to tattoo ten midgets head to toe while standing in a vat of live scorpions, then forget it.  But if it actually comes across as an interesting insight into the lives and talents of various tattoo artists, and if it portrays these artists as they deserve to be portrayed without all the trumped up pageantry and underhanded editing that is so prevalent amongst reality TV shows, then maybe, just maybe it will turn out to be something worth watching.

Until then, you can call me a sceptic.

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