Pumpkin tattoo: Holiday themed tattoo

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Abhinav Anand:

Colored Pumpkin Tattoo Sleeves

Colored Pumpkin Tattoo SleevesColored Pumpkin Tattoo Sleeves

It’s really fun to get a pumpkin tattoo. The tattoos range is too vast and the shape and size has infinity options. This one is of its own style. Pumpkin tattoo actually can be of various shapes and sizes; it just depends on your choice. You can get your piece of pumpkin on your sleeves, or if you want get them on your toes. Moreover the color choice is also unlimited. The tattoo maker actually plays with the concept and the color of the pumpkin, for it was never defined. Many a times the tattoo lover plays with the concept of pumpkin tattoo, pumpkin in a skull shape is what the most sort after. The size of this tattoo is consists of various rage, sometimes it will cover whole of your sleeves, while at times, it can be managed on your toes. The pumpkin tattoos are really a piece of a cake.

Halloween and pumpkin tattoo

Halloween and pumpkin tattoo

Halloween and pumpkin tattooHalloween and pumpkin tattoo defines sign of danger

Halloween and pumpkin tattoos are a way to enjoy your tattoo. The concept of pumpkin and that too at such a place which signifies something not natural, or say it devil’s land is liked by the tattoo lovers. The pumpkin in a skull shape makes the tattoo more adventurous for them. This combination is liked by the tattoo lovers like anything. Pumpkin tattoo allows them to play with the color combination and Halloween adds flavor to their combo pack.

Pumpkin tattoos designs

Halloween and pumpkin tattoo on legs

Halloween and pumpkin tattoo on legsHalloween and pumpkin tattoo on legs

As mentioned earlier in the article, the design of pumpkin tattoo provides you number of options to get the tattoo of your own choice. It’s common to get these on the sleeves and that too on as a full sleeve tattoo. As per the color combination you can have as many colors with you, what you want. It is not that pumpkin tattoo is always a symbol of a devil’s land, instead sometimes it signifies the light mood depending upon the color you pick.


The pumpkin tattoo is fun, no doubt, for its gives you unlimited choice in terms of shape and size to have fun with it. This clears your mood and sometimes can define your personality as you choose the color and shape of the tattoo as per your personality only.

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