Pros and Cons: Tattoo Party

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Tattoo Parties

Tattoo PartiesTattoo parties are fun-filled events with an exhibition of wide variety of tattoo designs and the opportunity to get a tattoo done then and there.

The word ‘party’ itself suggests fun and tattoo party is inclusive of fun and dare. Mostly popular amongst youngsters, tattoo party is an indulgence, with variety of designs showcased and option of getting a tattoo done then and there. What most people miss observing while having fun is whether the tattoo artist follow hygiene methods and how safe is the outdoor tattoo routine. We have put together the pros and cons attending a tattoo party to help you evaluate your decision of attending one.

Tattoo artist

Tattoo artistTattoo parties are beneficial for tattoo artists as they get a chance to showcase their caliber at a large scale.


1. Tattoos are no more a symbol of rugged and hardcore way of living. It has entered the mainstream and tattoo party is simply a reflection of it.

2. The tattoo party is a mode of self-expression through various forms, shapes and sizes of tattoos seen at the venue.

3. Also, it leads to an appreciation of art which even now is limited to the shops owned to create inked display on bodies. This art not only needs a steady hand but also a creative mind and knowledge of the right ingredients to be used.

4. Getting tattooed is not everyone’s cup of tea; however, at occasions like this, you too want to ride the bandwagon and for once dare to be different.

5. And to top it all, these parties provide opportunities to the tattoo artist to exhibit his caliber. An unknown name might become famous through these parties and word of mouth.


1. Most of the tattoo parties are looked forward to for the cheapest deal available. The fee is low and it is fun to be with friends too. However, it is not a smart idea to go with. In the bargain you might face difficulties. Most of these parties don’t have a sterile environment. The tattoo artist keeps drawing tattoos one after another. At the most he boils the needle to keep it safe which is not right. You might get an infection or a blood disease.

2. The party mostly has minors and it is illegal for them to get tattooed. The tattoo party becomes one medium for them to do so. Thus you are breaking a law and also exposing yourself to a health hazard.

3. The tattooist might not be a licensed artist. Hence, knowledge of ingredients can be questioned. Sometimes, some of them use cigarettes, alcohol and even drugs. He cannot be held accountable for any mishap as all this is illegal.

4. These inked creations might not be the best work as the tattoo artist might turn out to be an inexperienced or amateur in this field.

There is nothing in this world that comes cheap and best. If you want the best to be done, which you should because a tattoo stays with you forever, you should contact licensed experts. These guys work hard to give you the best where health and hygiene is also taken care of. The so-called tattoo artists found underground are defaming the industry and every time you ask them to come to tattoo parties you are promoting them.

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