Outdoor tattooing tents: Evaluate the risks

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Outdoor tattooing tents

Outdoor tattooing tentsOutdoor tattooing tents might be an innovative idea and a fun place to go to, but before you decide to do so, evaluate the risks involved in getting a tattoo from an outdoor tattooing tent.

Tattoo represents the flamboyant image of the young generation. Every tattoo has its own style and meaning. You might have encountered various tattoos shops around the streets, but if outdoor tattooing tents have caught your attention and you are planning to get yourself inked somewhere across the highway, consider your decision again. Unfortunately, outdoor tattooing comes with its own risks. What are the risks that you could face while getting a tattoo outdoor? Read on to evaluate your decision.

1. Unhygienic work area

Unlike outdoor tattoo tents, indoor tattoo shops maintain their environment by keeping everything clean and sterile. Furthermore, they are accepted by the health authorities and are inspected before giving the license on the ground of cleanliness. However, on the other hand, outdoor tattoo tents don’t provide you a healthy environment. They are always accompanied by dust and pollutant elements.

2. Possibility of having infectious unsterilized equipment

Who knows that the equipment they are using to sketch a tattoo on your body is even sterile? You could run a risk of being infected. However, they might claim to provide the safest tattooing experience. But after all, they need customers! While those indoor tattoo shops or mobile tattooing trailers are fully equipped with necessary sterilized tattoo machines, the outdoor tents hold quite a dirty reputation associated with their equipment. Often, they don’t wear gloves which are mandatory if an artist goes outdoors to prevent his client from getting infection. Many health organizations even don’t allow outdoor tattooing because of its exposure to dirt and dust particles.

3. Certification

Most of the outdoor tents don’t display license and legal paperwork. If by fault, you have entered such tents and you don’t see any certification, it’ rather intelligent to make your way out. Having no license displayed around the tents signify that the concerned artist is not legally approved and he doesn’t guarantee his work. Their tents are temporarily camped, therefore if something happens you will be absolutely clueless about his location.

Be cautious, as getting an innovative design on your body from an outdoor tattooing tent could also turn out as a dangerous experience.

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