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If there are any regular readers of Tattoo Blog out there, then you’ll be familiar with the ongoing situation in Hermosa Beach, California.  I’ve blogged about this numerous times, ever since tattooist Johnny Anderson won a lawsuit against the city for not allowing him to open his tattoo studio there.  Unfortunately, once Anderson cleared the way for tattoo studios to open in Hermosa Beach, a group of anal retentive citizens called Citizens United have clogged up the court systems by attempting to limit what tattooists can and can’t do with their studios in Hermosa Beach, as well as where tattooists can and can’t open their studios.  Basically, it’s the same fight that Anderson fought last year, except more pointless and more annoying. 

The entire thing is really convoluted at this point, so I don’t think that I’ll even bother trying to explain the current state of this issue here on the blog.  Instead, here’s the latest news on the issue.  I will say that it looks like the Citizens United don’t really stand a chance in getting what they want, mainly because the group missed the 90 day statute of limitations for filing its initial complaint.  They filed their complain five months after the 90 day ordinance.

‘On July 25, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Chalfant sustained Hermosa Beach’s demurrer, or argument, that Citizens United’s claims be dismissed, according to City Attorney Michael Jenkins. Chalfant dismissed the claims without prejudice and gave Citizens United the chance to return with additional arguments.

A key winning argument was Hermosa Beach’s claim that Citizens United missed the 90-day statute of limitations window, which began in November when the ordinance was adopted. The group filed its lawsuit five months later.’

I will continue to follow this story as it progresses, as well as offering links to any information that I can find.  Hopefully this will end soon and that there won’t be any further wasting of tax-payer money on an issue that needs to be dropped.  Give it up United Citizens, the only thing that you’re United against is logic.

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