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Change is good.  Sometimes just to keep things on the up and up over here at Tattoo Blog, I think it’s a good idea to take a break from the usual and try something a tiny bit different.  Which is exactly what I’m going to do today.  Normally I would use this post to blog about one artist whose work has recently caught my eye.  Well, instead of doing that, I’m going to use this post to blog about an entire shop that has caught my eye.  Sound okay with you?  Good.

Red Hot + Blue Tattoo can be found in Edinburgh, Scotland.  It is staffed by four artists by the names of Paul, Ian, Sarah and Jason, and man, they do some fine work.  It makes sense to me that any decent tattoo shop would staff artists who are always bringing their best game and who push the other artists to do the best work that they can, all the time, since 2005.

Not only is that exactly what’s going on over at Red Hot + Blue, but I love the fact that each of its artists is doing a variation on the classic American style which incorporates their own personal touches, making the styles similar but different all at once.

There’s some really great stuff to be found here, far more than I have room on this blog to showcase.  If you want to see more, then head over here or here and you can really get a feel for what’s going on over in Edinburgh.  So to everyone at Red Hot + Blue Tattoo, keep doing what you’re doing.  I love it!

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