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This week I wanted to profile someone who was going to be tattooing at the big Hell City bash in Phoenix.  Kelly Doty just seemed like a great artist to profile because her work is so damn eye-catching.  There’s something about Doty’s stuff that just draws me in.  It’s quirky, but quirky can only go so far in terms of tattoo and Doty’s art definitely goes further than just being quirky.  Dark in nature/tone, original in style, beautiful in placement and its abundance of colour, Kelly Doty’s tattoo portfolio is fun to look through and impressive all at the same time.

Tattooing only since October of 2007, Doty’s tattoo work is often like something out of a Tim Burton film.  Strange little creatures doing wicked things and vibrant to the point of lifelike, even though they’re little more than figments of an active imagination.  Plus, Doty’s a Harry Potter fan and hey, I myself have to admit to having a dorky penchant for that dorky little teenage wizard and his exploits.

Kelly Doty currently tattoos at Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton, Massachusetts, and if you like fun stuff that’s a little bit creepy, original and just plain well done, then I would most certainly suggest you get interested in the work of Kelly Doty.  What more is there to say?

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