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I’ve been hearing this guy’s name a lot lately.  I mean, here I am, just trying to mind my own business and everywhere I turn I’m hearing “Jamer, yeah that guy who tattoos from Victoria.”  So being the inquisitive sort, I decided to check into this guy from Victoria, Canada, who tattoos.  Yes, I was pleased when I saw the work that the man called Jamer pulls off.

The classic American style is a style that has grown immensely in its appeal to me as time goes on.  Each time that I see a tattooist whose classic American work really sticks out from the rest, my appreciation of the style increases tenfold.  So much so in fact, that I’ve decided with my birthday approaching to get a new tattoo and I do believe that I am going to go with a classic American tattoo.  Which is why it’s encouraging to know that there are talented classic American artists like Jamer nearby.

horse tattoo government street tattoo

Unfortunately, there isn’t a particularly lot of info about Jamer available online.  Oh, there’s plenty of stuff on his tattoo work as well as the studio where he works in Victoria, Government Street Tattoo, but as far as the bio stuff is concerned, not too much out there.  What I do know is that I unfortunately wasn’t able to attend the opening of an art show this past Friday in Vancouver in which Jamer was attending and exhibiting his own work.  The good news is that the exhibit runs for one month at antisocial skateboards, and that Jamer will also be attending the forthcoming West Coast Tattoo and Culture Show, to be held in Vancouver on the weekend of April 15th.

Maybe then I’ll get the chance to see his work in person.

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