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When I hear the name Fonzy, I have to admit that I don’t immediately think about tattoo.  I think about Henry Winkler’s character of the same name from the television series Happy Days.  Well, the truth is that Fullerton, California based tattooist Fonzy is taking the name in a whole new direction and given some time, tattoo just might be the only thing I think about when I hear the name Fonzy.

Fonzy has been tattooing for about ten years, though he wasn’t initially focussing all his energy on it.  He comes from a diverse artistic background that focussed on murals.  As of late 2010, however, Fonzy opened up Greaskull Tattoo Alley and really started to put the bulk of his creative and artistic talents toward tattoo.  The results are tattoos that often incorporate portrait with Mexican Day of the Dead styles and they are stunning.  Gorgeous black and greys with just the right minimal touches of colour.

Fonzy is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.  Check out more of his stuff here.

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