Laser Tattoo Removal Trendsetters of 2012

Laser tattoo removal has been a popular cosmetic laser treatment for some time. It’s a different and effective way of removing unwanted tattoos using a cosmetic laser versus a cream or gel treatment. It’s been around for quite a while and has been used by many trendsetting Hollywood celebrities, including some of the following who’ve received their treatment in 2012!

Mark Walhberg Openly admitting to receiving laser tattoo removal for his unwanted ink. He also stated that even though it wasn’t the most comfortable procedure, he was glad to be starting fresh.

Megan Fox has admitted to getting a giant Marilyn Monroe tattoo removed on her forearm.

Eva Longoria has before and after pictures of her removing a tattoo located on the back of her neck. It looks like it’s been lasered clean away!

Laser tattoo removal works by using a cosmetic laser to target the ink pigment within the skin. Once the laser energy is fired into the skin, it breaks the tattoo pigment into fragments. Those fragments are gradually flushed out through the body’s lymphatic system and the tattoo pigment fades away until it is diminished.

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