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Well folks, it’s all over.  In a move that many will cynically praise, television network TLC has announced that this season of the hit reality TV series LA Ink will be its last.

Apparently Kat Von D has only now noticed that her show is little more than a manipulation of the editing process, by which footage is turned into a series of supposedly scandoulous events.  Discussing the news of the cancellation with People magazine, Von D said:

‘“In an effort to capitalize on my recent breakup, the network has decided to focus their energy on re-editing events that didn’t happen while filming.”  “I have no regrets and am very proud of the original footage. In my opinion, any attempt to compromise the honesty of that would be an insult to my fans and viewers.”’

Sorry Kat, but your disdain at the network for messing around with the original footage should have reared its head about three years ago.  How she’s just noticing this now is beyond me.

Still, I can say that LA Ink did have more than its fair share of fans and for a brief period it brought something interesting to regular television.  In the end however, the show failed at focusing on tattoo and the people who devote their lives to the craft.  When it wasn’t stirring shit and creating boring arguments amongst the staff at High Voltage Tattoo, the show delved into nothing more than shameless self promotion by Kat and the other members of staff who had “side-projects”.  Like Dan Smith and his band that no one listens to.  Hopefully being on LA Ink made these people lots of money, because that’s all it was really about.

See ya around, LA Ink.

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