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When you aren’t a tattooist, it’s easy to forget that while the tattooists are the ones who get the attention from tattoo aficionados and the media, there are people out there who keep the industry going without actually tattooing.  I’m talking about the people who actually build and sell tattoo machines.  While a lot of the people who build tattoo machines are tattooists themselves, some are just people who love tattoo and who want to see the industry supplied with quality equipment.  Jimmy Whitlock is one of those people.

Whitlock runs Lucky’s Tattoo and Medical Supply Inc. in Largo, Florida.  The business began in 2000 and now has 12 employees.  Whitlock himself has always been a big fan of tattoo and he wants to be able to supply tattoo equipment to professional tattooists who respect the industry.  Among his numerous clients is tattooist Bert Krak, a tattooist whose work I’ve always personally loved.

Whitlock’s father Bob is a retired medical supplier who owns the business and often works alongside his son.  Unsurprisingly, he takes a great deal of pride in the work that he and his son do.

‘”For people wanting a tattoo, for their own health and safety, they should use only a reputable licensed artist,” Bob Whitlock said. “There are too many people running around with infections and health issues related to poor tattoos and (Lucky’s) is not going to be a part of that.”’

Lucky’s itself is something of a tattoo museum – its walls are lined with images of ancient flash and there are tattoo machines on display made by the likes of Sailor Jerry himself.

‘”The business was started because I knew professional tattoo artists who were not able to easily find good parts and machines when they needed them,” he said. “They couldn’t find good tools for their trade.”’

Sounds good to me.  If you’re interested in purchasing from Lucky’s or you simply want to check them out, you can do so by heading over to their website here.

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