Hell Yes.

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If you’re looking for something massive to do this coming weekend, then look no further – one of the best tattoo conventions in the United States is having its Arizona bash from August 26th to August 28th in Phoenix.

The Hell City Tattoo Festival is renowned for being full of mayhem, amazing art and artists and literally one hell of a good time.  The festival will showcase so much stuff that I can’t even list it all here, it’s just that big.  There will be unreal tattooists as per usual, inking those few who are lucky enough to book a spot.  If you’ve ever dreamed of an opportunity to get some Nick Baxter or Durb Morrison work done, then this is your chance, as well as a chance for so much more.  Honestly, the talent of the attending artists is so huge that it’s just one big dream come true for tattoo lovers everywhere.

There’s still time to buy your tickets in advance if you’re interested in going and those who buy their tickets in advance receive a small discount.  Advance tickets cost $22 for a one day pass, $42 for a two day pass and $62 for the weekend pass.  If you wait and buy your tickets at the gate, you’ll be paying $25, $45 or $65.  If you have any other questions or you’re just wanting to see what all is going down at Hell City Phoenix, then pop over to the website here.

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