Getting sleeve with Celtic tattoo sleeves

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Sleeves Tattoo

Sleeves TattooSleeves tattoo

If you feel it’s hard and tuff for you to get a tattoo, think twice. You can now go for some sleeve tattoo that too with a Celtic theme, which won’t hurt you at all. Celtic tattoos sleeves actually is a combination of some animal waves, Celtic knots, Celtic crosses and many more such elements. The old fashion is getting into the fashion once again. Old Celtic symbols are becoming popular once again, which are now known as modern art. But be cautious while selecting the theme for Celtic tattoo, the lines should not be too close to each other. At least a gap of 1inch must be maintained between the two lines. The designs used for the Celtic tattoo sleeves are often associated with balance, fertility and bravery, but due to its origins and meanings these are so vague and mysterious. Celtic tattoo sleeves are basically temporary in nature and have a fabulous look in total.

What Is A Sleeve Tattoo?

Sleeve Tattoo above elbow

Sleeve Tattoo above elbowLotus mark Sleeve Tattoo above elbow

Sleeve tattoo basically is a large tattoo, might be made through the collection of small tattoos, which covers most or say almost complete arm. These tattoos are usually made from shoulder to wrist. Sleeve tattoos is a large category in all. These are categorized in “Half Sleeves” or “quarter sleeves”. These sleeves covers the arm portion of a body, usually above elbow. The term “Sleeves” is used for sometimes it referred to a large leg tattoo that covers whole of the leg portion.

Celtic symbols in tattoos

Celtic symbol

Celtic symbolCeltic symbol used in tattoo

Celtic symbol is referred to a map which is tough to track just because there are minimal known for surviving written records. Getting a Celtic design is a way to express pride in ones heritage. Celtic tattoo sleeves however is a fine way of art work which was used by our ancestors and now is known as a modern art. Celtic knot however is the most notorious and recognized art work in Celtic history.

Recent years Celtic Tattoo Sleeves have enjoyed an expression of revival. Celtic tattoos were considered as a sight among Celtic warriors.

Full Sleeve Tattoo

Full Sleeve TattooFull Sleeve Tattoo covering whole of the arm portion.


Celtic Sleeve tattoo are very old in nature but has been once again adopted by the teenagers and the youngsters. Today’s generation calls it a modern art, off course because of its vague nature. It’s easy to get a Celtic sleeve tattoo on, than to going for a painful process of getting a tattoo on your body. This might be one of the reason why the generation next is liking this one.

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