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We got sent a couple copies of the new Ed Hardy DVD, and were a bit nervous when we got the glossy dvd box with free temporary tattoos… would this be about Ed Hardy the artist or about a glittery clothing line by Christian Audigier? After watching I have to say it was a really well done documentary on Ed Hardy as not just a tattoo artist, but truelly an artist of multiple mediums. With a run time of 75 minutes, it really was a quality documentary with only a snippet of Ed Hardy the brand (a weird 2 minute commercial tossed in the middle). It really paints a beautiful picture of the evolution of an artist.

Clip from the documentary:

There was a lot of talk about Ed Hardy’s non-tattoo work and after browsing around I found that a lot of it can be viewed in San Francisco. Some of Ed Hardy’s Work over the last 50 years:

The first two people to post a comment below can win a free copy (WINNERS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN)! OR if you have netflix watch it on streaming right now.

In 1955, most ten-year-old boys dreamed of growing up to be firemen or jet pilots. But young Don “Ed” Hardy had the wild idea of becoming a tattoo artist. He saw his calling in the mystical images of pierced hearts, flaming eyeballs and bloody skulls. After graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute, Hardy rejected a scholarship to Yale University to pursue his childhood obsession: tattoos. Today, he is revered as the godfather of modern tattooing as well as a respected painter, author and publisher

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