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Abhinav Anand:

Hawaiian flower tattoos

Hawaiian flower tattooshawaiian flower tattoos at waisr

Flower tattoos have always been in demand because of the variety of colors that it has to offer and of course of its delicate symbolism as well. The delicate and beautiful colors of hibiscus flower tattoo have always been loved by the tattoo lovers. The design is not limited unlike religious tattoo designs. Rather the designs can be created as per choice. Actually, these can be easily modified by the makers and can be used by one to show his/her creativity. The color combination again plays an important role as the combination defines the persona of an individual who is being inked upon. Further these tattoos have always reflected one’s personality; it shows what type of traits an individual carries. For an example, I would love to ink a rose along with some butterflies and vines, which will ultimately enhance the beauty of my tattoo. For Hibiscus flower tattoo, this belongs to Hawaiian tattoo art, which off course an ultimate tattoo art.

Meaning of hibiscus flower tattoo

Hibiscus Flower tattoo

Hibiscus Flower tattooBeautyful Hibiscus tattoo at waist level

To understand hibiscus flower tattoo design in a better way, take a look on above picture. Let me tell you a fact, in Hawaii, tattoo is known as ‘Kakau’ and this has a long history with it. Basically, Hawaii tattoo designs are mostly based on natural resources, like flowing water, nice and delicate flowers or the animals. As a matter of fact, Tribal tattoos play an important role in Hawaii tattoo art. These are incorporated with number of Hawaii tattoo designs, where Hibiscus is a major one. For those who want to keep a memory of the beauty of Hawaii, always prefer to have this tattoo as no one can ever compare its beauty to any artificial beauty.

Hibiscus Flower Tattoo Designs

Hibiscus flower tattoo on the back

Hibiscus flower tattoo on the backHibiscus flower tattoo on the back with beautiful colors

The Hibiscus Flower tattoo can be used or say modified in various ways. Single Flower, Bunch of Hibiscus Flowers, Different Floral Designs. Now its your call, what’s your type. If at all you are searching for a small tattoo, go for the single flower hibiscus tattoo. For a small tattoo this is the perfect choice.

If at all you are thinking for a sleeve tattoo, bunch of Hibiscus Flowers is there for you. This time I am sorry to say single flower won’t do. But do make sure that you choice the right color combination.

Finally, if you are looking for a mixture of all these go for the different Floral Designs, as these include vines, stems, leaves, etc. To add an extra feature to your tattoo includes fictitious characters like fairies or angles which would surely enhance the beauty of your tattoo.

Hibiscus Flower tattoo on side

Hibiscus Flower tattoo on sideHibiscus flower tattoo on side portion

Although Hibiscus Flower tattoo are generally small in size, but for me the cutest part of such tattoo is its size only. The right combination of its color and size defines your personality and you in form of a tattoo.

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