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What’s up folks,

Any Londoners out there, reading this? How about anyone in the UK who has the potential to get to London in a relatively timely manner? Well if you’re out there and you’re reading this, then I suggest you take advantage of a great opportunity that has been set up by the kind people at Time Out London, and of course, by tattoo crackerjack Mo Coppoletta.

Here’s the gist: as part of the London based art show The Other Art Fair (April 25-28), Coppoletta will be setting up shop and tattooing those who have made it on to his rather lengthy waiting list. You, my fine as-of-yet-untattooed-by-Mo-Coppoletta friend, are now being presented with the very rare opportunity to not just be tattooed by Mr Coppoletta, but to actually have your pick of one of four original Coppoletta tattoos designed specifically for The Other Art Show. Does that sound good? I think it does. I think it sounds pretty damn good, in fact. A free tattoo from one of the world’s best tattoo artists? For free? Not many things better than that.

So how do I do this, you ask? It’s very simple. Follow this link and answer the most basic of basic questions (hint: the answer is Damien Hirst) and you are officially entered in the draw. But do it now because the contest ends at midnight on April 15th. After that, you’ll have to get on the waiting list like the rest of us poor chumps. In the meantime, here’s a bit of Coppoletta stuff to whet your tattoo appetites.


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