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Yesterday I wrote about Leicester, England native John Bourner, who in a bid to win a free trip to the Canary Islands, had the logo of Flick’s Bar tattooed to his ass cheek.  Without repeating that post (look below if you want to read it), I’ll just cut to the chase and tell you that things didn’t work out, Bourner missed the deadline and I proceeded to mock him for having a crap tattoo on his ass cheek for the rest of his life.  Well, I condemned the man too soon because the folks at Flick’s Bar were so impressed with Bourner’s dedication that they actually decided to pay for his trip to the Canary Islands even though he missed the contest deadline.

‘Bar owner John Brophy said: “More than 200 people entered the competition but I think it’s safe to say that James went above and beyond the call of duty. It’s absolutely unbelievable what he has done. We felt terrible when we realised that he was too late so have decided to give him a holiday anyway, paid out of our pockets.”‘

Pretty cool.  I mean, the tattoo is permanent anyway that you slice it and the trip won’t be, but I guess for James Bourner it’s all worth it.

In other tattoo news this week, it’s not often that you hear about someone being hospitalised after a tattoo becomes infected.  It’s even more rare when that someone who is hospitalised for a tattoo infection happens to be a politician.

Jon Gnarr is a comedian turned politican, turned mayor of Reykjavik, Iceland.  He was hospitalised this week after the tattoo of Reykjavik’s coat of arms – which is on his arm – became infected.  He had just returned from a trip to Stockholm, Sweden.  Tough luck, but very cool to see a politician commemorate his love for his city with a tattoo.

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