Bow Tattoo: A Style Statement

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Abhinav Anand:

Bow Tattoo

Bow Tattoobow tattoo on waist

The trends are changing and so is the concept of tattoos. For now, Bow tattoo is lifting up the trend and is becoming a style statement, especially for feminine section. Tattoos are looked as an expression of art through its design. Actually, bow tattoo gained popularity for its design and style. These have been always used by the art lovers for expressing different messages and meanings. In general tattoos are a way of expressing an individual’s association with her/his culture. The women section, often chooses to get inked with some funky designs like flowers, vines, stars to name a few, and that’s what bow tattoo provides them. With the growing trends, the choice of designs and detailed inking is ever growing. And for bow, right from the tiny ones to the prominent, this tattoo looks fabulous when placed on the best spot, such as the forearm, wrist, back of the legs or the neck.

Bow tattoo on figure

Bow tattoo on figureBow tattoo placed on figure

Bow Tattoo and its meaning

Bow Tattoo is actually formed by using a cloth or string which is tied in such a way that it parts gets a curve shape on either side with the two loose ends. This can be easily understood by the looking at the shoe laces when they are tied. There is a saying, tie a string around your figure, was used to be a reminder of an event which defined bow tattoo rings around the fingers. There bows are used to represent how fragile life is and how quickly it can be unravel.

Bows in women’s fashion

This style has attracted the women section to a large extent. These days’ women prefer to be inked with pretty and delicate tattoos, and bow tattoo is no exception, as this fulfill their needs by being small and nice in looks. Talking about the fashion industry, bows have been placed in women’s clothing from head to toe to make fashion statements. Straight away, bows are visible in their hair clips, placed somewhere in their outfits, shoes or handbags. Even the colors of bow tattoos are becoming significant as well.

Bow Tattoo (finger)

Bow Tattoo (finger)Bow Tattoo on finger

Bows tattoos: Representation of jewelry

The bow tattoo offers the versatility of placement on one’s body, especially for feminine section. It can be completely hidden, such as lower back, shoulder and thigh, depending of choice of tattoo location. The bow tattoo is often chosen as jewelry art form by majority of women, who display them on their ears, fingers, toes or around ankles.

Bow Tattoo (lanvin)

Bow Tattoo (lanvin)Bow Tattoo (lanvin)


Today women love to have a tattoo on their body. These are actually artwork, which unlike in the past, were very perceived and associated with gangsters and off course were questionable for women. But the trend has changed. The size and the design of bow tattoo has become a fashion statement, and the tattoo is very much welcomed by the feminine section. Finally, Bows can be fun, powerful and meaningful way to express your style statement.

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