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Abhinav Anand:

Tattoo Creator

Tattoo CreatorSelf Tattoo Creator

Tattoo lovers can go up to any extent to get themselves a tattoo. The present scenario and off course the advance technology, is now giving them all the options to be a tattoo creator. But yes, be firm and built up your mind, that you are going for a tattoo, because once you start the process there will be no looking back for you. Tattoo lovers are basically the teenagers, but to get a tattoo and that too being a tattoo creator it’s really a difficult job, for it needs great tolerance level. Tattoos are actually a permanent mark on your skin that will be left for rest of your life. Off course you can remove the tattoo once you are not satisfied with it, but be aware of the fact that it’s going to be much more painful than the time of putting it on your body. Still would suggest you that to get a tattoo go for a professional one, but if you can’t get him for whatever reason then you can be a tattoo creator yourself.

Concept of body art tattoos

Body Art Tattoos

Body Art TattoosBody Art Tattoos, covers almost half the body

Tattoos as for now are in great demand. Being a tattoo creator its very necessary to get an idea of the design you are going to get on your body. For example, the color of the tattoo, its shades, ink mixing, the needles and most important the shape of the tattoo. Get an idea for your tattoo by searching on net or consulting a tattoo design book. But for body art tattoo, the scene is bit difficult. Being a tattoo creator it won’t be possible for you to get the things done perfectly as this art covers almost half of your body portion to get you the tattoo.

How to get a tattoo on your body

Get a Tattoo on Your Body

Get a Tattoo on Your BodyGet a Tattoo on Your Body

To get an temporary tattoo, very first thing you need is a great tolerance level. For, resources one need a proper latex gloves, one narrow sewing needle, a bottle of 98% rubbing alcohol, an anti-bacterial soap, Indian ink, but acrylic paint is not advisable, a bandage, lotion (to make things easier for you), shaving cream and a razor.

Decide the exact spot of your body where you want to place the tattoo. Get your ink and needle ready for the job.

· Wrap the needle with some string, or you can tie the string to a pencil, which is tightly wrapped.

· Lay out the design, on a clean cloth and the ink so that its very clear which color you want .

· Sterilize each and every material you are going to use.

· Dip the needle into the ink but don’t get more than half of your ink covered with it. Just get the tip of it dipped into the ink.

· Get the needle onto your body and prick( be aware as this might hurt you)

· Do this again and again, to darken up the lines of your tattoo.

· To be on a safer side, stop once you are done for 5-10 times.

· Wipe the excess ink on your body spot. (try to sterilize it again and again)

· Continue the same process once again.

· When you are done and the mark is very much visible, take a clean rag and lightly soak it.

· The mark which you have given on your body is permanent.

· Bandage the tattoo with some clean cloth, like cotton.

· Remove the bandage after an hour and wash it with antibacterial soap.

Get it moisture, with some lotion. Repeat the exercise for 3-5times in a day for few weeks

Self Made Tattoo

Self Made TattooSelf Made Tattoo

Tips & Warnings

Being a tattoo creator, you might love making tattoo on your body, but it might hurt you. It’s advisable to get it done by the professionals. For, tattoo creator it needs great tolerance level, as one has to bear the pain which he is getting from themselves. Be aware of the fact that this will take time and will hurt you. If the needles and other material to be used is not sterilized, that might create a problem for you.

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