A Sound Controller That Uses Tattoo As A Music Score

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Ever come across one of those videos where you don’t really know what’s going on but you know that it’s definitely worth seeing?  If not, check this out – but first, a bit of explanation regarding what you’re about to see.  Personally this explanation didn’t really make things crystal clear for me, but whatever, this is mental…

‘this is a special instrument that combines human body and robotic system into a single entity that is designed to automate creative process in an attempt to represent the artist and his instrument as a creative hybrid. The device consists of a railing with comfortable hand holders and two parallel, but offset from each other black lines’ sensors that move along the arm using a stepper motor. It is equipped with a 3-dimensional Wii remote controller that uses the OSC protocol in order to give a possibility of additional expression achieved by moving hand in space.’

Got all that?  Good.  Now check this out.

::vtol:: “reading my body” from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.

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