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Back in the day when I was a Vancouverite (incidentally, I left before the most recent hockey riots which discraced that vastly overrated city and exposed its true colours), one of the advantages of life in Vancouver was living close enough to Seattle to head down for a weekend.  Located around three hours south of Vancouver, I have to say that Seattle is a great place that certainly has its own, original vibe.  Many cool things have gone down in Seattle over the years and if Seattle’s legacy of being a hip and fun place to be is any indication, then this coming weekend’s Seattle Tattoo Expo should justifiably be off-the-hook. 

Seattle has more than its share of tattooed people and first class tattoo studios, filled with top notch tattooists.  Even if there were no tattoo expo this weekend, Seattle is well worth the visit for anyone contemplating or craving a new tattoo.  Thankfully however, there is a tattoo expo this weekend in Seattle and this year the Seattle Tattoo Expo marks its 10th year of existence.  That’s quite an accomplishment and as a result, Seattle is getting set to throw a monster party for everyone in love with tattoo.

From August 12th-14th, the city of Seattle, Washington will be welcoming a whole slew of tattooists from places as far flung as Argentina to as homegrown as Seattle.  There will be over a 100 different booths set up, tons of seminars, contests, art galleries, bands, drinks, all at the Seattle Center.  In short, it’s going to be a party.  If you’re interested in attending, the Seattle Tattoo Expo website is the best place to find all the information you’ll need to set you up.  I wish I could attend, but unfortunately I’m now a long, long, long way away from Washington state.  To all of you who do attend, have fun!

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