The 101 on the Laser Tattoo Removal Industry

Like most things, trends and fashions come and go. This can be unfortunate when a tattoo you thought was hip 10 years ago isn’t exactly cool at the moment. That’s why more and more people are turning to laser tattoo removal–and the industry is practically booming.

In fact, Louis Silberman, co-founder of National Laser Institute, says that his facility has trained 3,000 + laser tattoo removal technicians. He believes that this industry is bound to keep on growing and expanding, especially since National Laser Institute enrolls tons of students in classes like laser tattoo removal or comprehensive laser training.

The FDA released a report that stated about 45 million Americans have tattoos–16% of adults and 36% of people aged 25-29, according to the Harris Interactive Poll (2003). This particular poll continued to state that 17% of Americans regret their tattoos.

This is why more and more people are wanting to become laser technicians in order to specialize in laser tattoo removal treatments.

About 50% of people who do end up getting tattoos want to get them removed, a statistic presented by the American Society of Dermatological Surgery (2002).

That’s why the laser tattoo industry is training more and more potential laser technicians. Many of these students go on to open their own laser tattoo businesses, work in a cosmetic laser facility, or work as contractors for a place or a few different places. In any case, laser technicians are finding both enjoyment and monetary satisfaction by removing client’s unwanted tattoos.

Training and Reviews

Training in laser tattoo removal treatments doesn’t take long at National Laser Institute. What you really want, though, is a course that will give you hands-on training with clients, detailed classroom lecture, and an opportunity of a business marketing seminar. National Laser Institute is one of the best laser training facilities that can offer you all of that, plus much more.

In laser tattoo removal training courses, you’ll learn everything from skin types and tattoos, how the laser tattoo removal process works, the types of lasers, how to fire and use a laser, skin tissue and interactions, and tons more. When determining where to go for training, you should also keep in mind that you’ll definitely want hands-on practice with clients in order to feel comfortable and confident with the lasers.

You’ll also want to find a place with outstanding student reviews. You can review National Laser Institute’s student reviews by visiting their main website.

“Business is booming,” says Dr. Scott Karempelis of Atlanta Dermatology Associates. He, like many other dermatologists and laser techs, have found a niche market that’s ended up bringing in money while helping client’s remove unflattering tattoos. (Source).

This year, enter a career you know you’ll enjoy. To learn more about laser tattoo removal or National Laser Institute, please call 480.290.7366.

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