Tattoo Removal Program in California Strives to Help Unemployment Rates

In San Pablo, California, the city and a local medical spa have paired together to help combat the unemployment rate. This program offers $50 tattoo removal treatments for residents of San Pablo in order to help them appear professional, qualify them for certain positions, and aid in improving job-readiness throughout the city.

On top of this offer, there is an 8-week “job-readiness” course that prepares potential employees for interviews, behaviors, resumes and more. If a client completes this 8-week course, half of their 6-10 tattoo removal sessions will be reimbursed.

San Pablo has a whooping 15% unemployment rate, and the city hopes this is one step toward a solution. Laser tattoo removal is a popular, in-demand, and effective way at removing unwanted tattoos. In fact, earning a laser tattoo removal certification only takes a little less than two weeks at National Laser Institute!

Laser Tattoo Removal Class Modalities

National Laser Institute is the leading laser school in the nation and offers laser tattoo removal training courses. This course includes hands-on training on actual tattoo removal clients as well! Some of the course topics include:

  • Aesthetic overview
  • Client selection
  • Tissue and skin interaction
  • Laser safety
  • Pre and post care
  • Laser equipment
  • Hands-on training
  • + More

National Laser Institute

National Laser Institute is recognized as gold standard education and has received many outstanding reviews. They train hundreds of students across the nation a month in order to certify them in cosmetic lasers. To learn more about tattoo removal training or National Laser Institute, please call 480.290.7366.

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