Laser Tattoo Removal Training for Tattoo Artists

No, tattoo artists aren’t seeking laser tattoo removal training in order to fix mistakes they’ve made on their clients. In fact, many tattoo artists may seek tattoo removal training because they already have a huge client base. Many people who are addicted to tattoos either get another tattoo to cover an old one up, or use laser tattoo removal to remove it before replacing the clear area of skin with another design. Either way, laser tattoo removal training is a great way for tattoo artists to earn more money with the pipeline they already have!

Before offering laser tattoo removal to your clients, you first have to go through laser tattoo removal training. We highly recommend National Laser Institute, the leader in the medical  aesthetics industry. They offer two courses that include laser tattoo removal: a comprehensive laser course which also covers in-demand services like laser hair removal, laser acne reduction, and laser wrinkle reduction as well as a just tattoo removal course where students will only receive tattoo removal training.

In both of these courses, students receive hands-on laser tattoo removal training on scheduled clients within a luxury medical spa in order to get the feel of how the treatment works. Students also learn from industry experts who teach didactic classroom portions of training.

With these tattoo removal courses, you’ll learn:

• Tissue interaction
• Wavelengths and laser selection
• Pre and post treatments
• Treatment contraindications
• Treatment plans
• Tattoo and skin types

National Laser Institute is recognized as the gold standard of education when it comes to medical aesthetics and has earned many outstanding reviews. If you’re considering higher quality education when seeking tattoo removal training, this is the place for you.

To learn more about tattoo removal training or National Laser Institute, please call 1.855.637.4535.

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