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  • “Just wanted to say thanks to for recommending the NLI Med Spa in Scottsdale. The procedure went great and I can’t believe I am finally getting rid of this tattoo.” – Jason B., Phoenix, AZ


  • “Thanks for all your info and help. I tried the creams and couldn’t afford the lazer treatment. NLI Med Spa gave me an incredible rate and the TATTOO IS COMING OFF! My husband and I are deeply grateful for this company. Thank you thank you thank you!” – Melissa N., Glendale, AZ


  • “Whoa. NLI Med Spa rocks! My tat is almost gone after two treatments! Thanks.” Murphy K., Casa Grande, AZ

  • “So I have to say that is the greatest site for news and information pertaining to laser tattoo removal info. I have forwarded this site to so many friends and they all have been telling me great things about the NLI Med Spa.” – Dana L., Glendale, AZ


  • “Thankyou!” – George J., Phoenix, AZ


  • “Great site, keep up the good work.” – Kevin S., Mesa, AZ


  • “Just had my first tattoo removal treatment at Nashional Lazer Institute medspa.  Shelly was kool and I can already see my tattoo fading after getting lazered less than too weeks ago.” -Desiree W., Apache Junction, AZ – Home of the $50 Laser Tattoo Removal in Phoenix!

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There is less probability for infection with Laser Liposuction because a smaller incision is required for the procedure. Also blood loss, a common complication with traditional liposuction, is minimal since the procedure is more accurate at targeting fat, and, therefore, does less damage to surrounding blood vessels. Any blood that does leak from a damaged vessel will evaporate from the heat of the laser.

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