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  • “Just wanted to say thanks to for recommending the NLI Med Spa in Scottsdale. The procedure went great and I can’t believe I am finally getting rid of this tattoo.” – Jason B., Phoenix, AZ


  • “Thanks for all your info and help. I tried the creams and couldn’t afford the lazer treatment. NLI Med Spa gave me an incredible rate and the TATTOO IS COMING OFF! My husband and I are deeply grateful for this company. Thank you thank you thank you!” – Melissa N., Glendale, AZ


  • “Whoa. NLI Med Spa rocks! My tat is almost gone after two treatments! Thanks.” Murphy K., Casa Grande, AZ

  • “So I have to say that is the greatest site for news and information pertaining to laser tattoo removal info. I have forwarded this site to so many friends and they all have been telling me great things about the NLI Med Spa.” – Dana L., Glendale, AZ


  • “Thankyou!” – George J., Phoenix, AZ


  • “Great site, keep up the good work.” – Kevin S., Mesa, AZ


  • “Just had my first tattoo removal treatment at Nashional Lazer Institute medspa.  Shelly was kool and I can already see my tattoo fading after getting lazered less than too weeks ago.” -Desiree W., Apache Junction, AZ – Home of the $50 Laser Tattoo Removal in Phoenix!

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